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Water under a bridge
September 22, 2023 — October 14, 2023
The Nicholas Building,Room 5, Level 8
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Water under a bridge is an installation, an exhibition and a process sprawling across two locations. Works are pre-made, remade, and unmade in a presentation of and an invitation to forage.

To forage requires an agnostic kind of curiosity. It is a practice of visually combing one's surroundings, seeing what already is (now), not looking to what could be (future).

Scraps of reality are gleaned from the endless churning and overflowing streams of matter that surround and sustain us. Snippets of the current and concrete — moments of glancing down at your feet as you make your way towards your destination.

Like moments, the works (just like the scraps), too, are in perpetual motion. Part one relentlessly submerged and revealed by the tidal shifts of the Maribyrnong, and part two evolving in the gallery space throughout the exhibition period. 

Every part of every process here is one of relational change: material, circumstantial and existential. Seen, not looked for; found, not sought; captured, not contained.

Part 1: Near Avondale Heights (-37.77, 144.87), access via Grimes Flat, 2023
Secondhand stoneware tiles, litter, miscellaneous found materials.
September 2, 2023 – ongoing

Part 2: CAVES, 2023
Secondhand stoneware tiles, litter, miscellaneous found materials.
September 22 - October 14, 2023

Photography by Michael Pham